Board of Directors

  • Karen L. Gherardini, BS, MS

    Karen L. Gherardini, BS, MS

    Secondary School Teacher

  • Allison F. Austin, MAOM, MIS

    Allison F. Austin, MAOM, MIS

    Director of Community Development & Planning

  • Brenda Altadonna, BS, MS

    Brenda Altadonna, BS, MS

    Retired Elementary School Teacher

  • Fred Bernstein

    Fred Bernstein

    CEO, Community Health and Emergency Services Inc.

  • Jim Creason

    Jim Creason

    Retired State's Attorney

  • Kyla A. Beaver, BS

    Kyla A. Beaver, BS

    Administrative Assistant

  • Sonya R. Gettinger

    Sonya R. Gettinger

    Business Owner


  • Hollywood Hair

    Fundraising Committee

Advisory Members

  • William P. Crain

    Legal Advisory

  • Lisa Fuehne


  • Trent M. Gherardini, BA

    Business Consultant

  • Fiona K. Hodgson, M Ed

    Vice President of Development and Marketing

  • J. Srinivasaraghavan, MD, DFAPA


In Memory of

  • Jim Maloff

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