Mental illness is real. And treatment helps.

Won’t you support MIRFA as we develop better responses to a disease that affects so many?

Through advocacy, research, and the future establishment of a charitable hospital facility, the Mental Illness Research Foundation of America is working toward hope. We support the discovery of new treatments, and eventually a CURE, for this plague. It's almost certain that you know of someone who has struggled with a form of mental illness - perhaps a loved one, a family member, or a close friend has experienced its devastation.

Millions of Americans need help.

Thanks to the dedication of thousands of caregivers across America, the support of family members and friends, and the courageous stand taken by progressive lawmakers, the stigma of mental illness is disappearing. And the availability of treatment is growing.

MIRFA is seeking contributions from corporations, businesses and individuals throughout the world. Your donation will support the provision of grants to researchers who are seeking a cure; in addition to helping fund the charitable treatment facility.

Please consider the difference your generosity can make. ALL donations, of ANY amount, help move us closer to a future free from mental illness. All donations are tax exempt. Please give as much as you can.

Help MIRFA in its fight to improve the life of those suffering with mental illness. You are supporting research toward a CURE.

The Ultimate Solution: Research for a Cure

Why we must succeed....

Resources originally intended for research have been diverted to the broad/infinite needs of mental health. As a result, research for severe mental illness is far behind most of American medicine.

The logical solution is to make everyone understand mental illness is actually a brain disease and therefore remove the stigma and discrimination. It should be viewed in the same light as Parkinson’s disease. Mental illness is concerned with brain diseases and pathology. Mental illness is apolitical, but mental health is very political!

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