MIRFA awards $10,000 grant to Anthropedia Foundation and Dr. Robert Cloninger

donation pichttps://anthropedia.org/mirfa-donation

MIRFA is proud to announce the award of a $10,000 research donation to the Anthropedia Foundation and Drs. Robert and Kevin Cloninger.

Pictured here for the award are: (L-R)

Dr. Nigel Lester (Director of Outreach and Professional Development for the Anthropedia Foundation, Allison Austin (MIRFA), Karen Gherardini (President and Founder of MIRFA), Dr. Robert Cloninger (Director of the Anthropedia Institute)  and Brenda Altadonna (MIRFA).

More about Dr. Cloninger and the Anthropedia Foundation can be found at their website https://anthropedia.org

Dr. Cloninger is also the Director of the Sansone Institute of Well Being at Washington University in St. Louis and is also on staff as a member of the teaching faculty, as well as a researcher,  in the Psychology program.

We look forward to a great partnership with Dr. Cloninger and his staff in the future!!!



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